I continue to be in awe of the Qest4 system. As a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I’ve been trained to triangulate using different methods to determine what body systems, organs or glands need support. I always gather a very comprehensive intake form at the beginning, but I do not look at it until after the initial testing is completed. It never fails that the issues affecting the client are addressed and corroborated by those main scans. My clients continue to see amazing results and as a practitioner, I am very grateful for this technology.  It enables me to gain a better understanding to help my clients address the “whole” picture. I had used a different form of bio-energetic screening prior to the Qest4, but I never felt fully equipped.  I was constantly reaching out for further education and assistance. Not anymore.  The training provided by both Qest and Natural Solutions is brilliant. I found what I was searching for. This was a fantastic move on my part, and my clients rave about the technology as well. If you’re thinking about adding a Qest4 to your practice, don’t hesitate. It’s well worth it.

Tracy A

I highly recommend the purchase of a Qest4 testing system. I spent five years looking for a system that could do what the Qest4 does, while providing unsurpassed accuracy. It’s been eight years since owning a Qest4 and I can’t imagine running a practice without it. If you really want to help people improve their life, a Qest4 is a must. It helps get to the cause of their issues while providing more information and support than any other device on the market. You will get results, which lead to referrals and growth in your business.


Once I introduced the Qest4 into my practice, I saw exponential growth in not only the number of clients but also the success in helping each person improve their well-being. While I see clients for all types of health challenges, the flexibility of the Qest4 has also allowed me to develop base scans, include all the specialized supplements I use, as well as special scans (protocols) for my clients who struggle with Lyme Disease, Toxic Mold Syndrome, and Fertility Issues as well as add in custom to the client issues as needed. While I have access to multiple resources, the Qest4 is by far my favorite and most used resource.

Dr Jocelin Whitaker, ND, DBM, CA, CNC, CFC, HHP, CCHA, CBET

The Qest4 Software system is, in my opinion, the best on the market! I don't have to send any test plate to a client to test them, and I can send their specific out of balance signatures to them anywhere in the world. Someone is in the hospital? No problem! I can still help them. I have done this many times. This technology comes with ready made scans, or you can build your own. I have built many scans for myself and my clients. Also the purchase price includes training on how to use the software. There's no monthly fee back to corporate either! Here's the exciting part: a client paid a company to test her gut micro biome. When I was going over her food list avoids, it matched! It showed too the pathogens' frequencies that were in that lab test.

Everyone is struggling with some kind of emotional issue. The software tells me what people need to release so we can work together to do so. I test which flower essences and essential oils that are best on Qest4, then blend them. Clients love them! I have worked with several dogs. They seem to respond incredibly well! One client reported her dog was much happier than before I ran their scans. I can run animals as well as people. For 3 years I asked the Lord to supply this technology, and He did! I take very little information from clients about themselves. So when I tell them things, only they know, they are blown away, not to mention super impressed! I know the Lord led me to the very best!

Jeanne Calabretta, ND, CNHP, AAS (lab tech), CMSAT, CA

One thing I love about my Qest4 is the way it works with babies. One specific experience was a 6 week old baby that cried all the time, nothing her parents did seemed to work, as a last result they asked me to test her. I did the 3 pediatric tests all together in one hold tank then imprinted them into a laser. I also recommended they seek a chiropractic adjustment for the baby. Immediately after the Qest4 test I did the baby calmed and slept for 3 hours. Later that night she slept for 8 hours. She did the chiropractic adjustment as well and noticed the baby moved her head from side to side more often.Things went well for about two weeks then the baby would scream if anyone except the mother was holding her. I performed the same three pediatric test, then in a new hold tank I did a custom test for separation anxiety. Both hold tanks were once again imprinted into the same laser and the baby Immediately responded with more calmness. This baby does not accept a binky or bottle well so there was little that could be done to comfort her except nursing. The mother having 4 other children was aware that things were not okay with her new baby. Gratefully the testing had such Immediate results that it has become her first action when the baby becomes difficult. The baby is now 3.5 months old and I just tested her again with the 3 basic pediatric test and this time I performed the emotion code test for separation anxiety with amazing results. She plays and interacts with siblings and sleeps longer at night with no bad behavior when mom isn't around.
Without the Qest4 system we would have spent weeks or months in a process of elimination seeking comfort and relief for this mother and baby. With the Qest4 there was no guessing, I simply let the system retrieve information from the baby's innate intelligence and the results were exactly what the baby needed. I didn't have any answers or specific knowledge concerning this baby's issues, I simply just did the test and imprinted to the laser. The results were immediate and amazing.

Ronda Love

First and foremost: Qest has made a tremendous difference in my family’s personal health. This alone merits having Qest. In addition, here’s other things I love:
Qest company: Very good tech support and all software updates are always free.
Qest community: Very wide diversity of modalities among practitioners, all of whom have a ‘team spirit’. Joining Asyra FB and now Slack was a tremendous boost for me to learn how to use the system, as well as valuable input working with specific client conditions. – You’re never alone out there.
Continued training: Qest provides continued training with special live events, as well as online recorded training. Much is free, or for a very reasonable small fee.
The ability to add custom library.
Tests can be fully customized or created, with ease, for your unique health needs, or modality.

Beth Humma