I continue to be in awe of the Qest4 system. As a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I’ve been trained to triangulate using different methods to determine what body systems, organs or glands need support. I always gather a very comprehensive intake form at the beginning, but I do not look at it until after the initial testing is completed. It never fails that the issues affecting the client are addressed and corroborated by those main scans. My clients continue to see amazing results and as a practitioner, I am very grateful for this technology.  It enables me to gain a better understanding to help my clients address the “whole” picture. I had used a different form of bio-energetic screening prior to the Qest4, but I never felt fully equipped.  I was constantly reaching out for further education and assistance. Not anymore.  The training provided by both Qest and Natural Solutions is brilliant. I found what I was searching for. This was a fantastic move on my part, and my clients rave about the technology as well. If you’re thinking about adding a Qest4 to your practice, don’t hesitate. It’s well worth it.

Tracy A

I highly recommend the purchase of a Qest4 testing system. I spent five years looking for a system that could do what the Qest4 does, while providing unsurpassed accuracy. It’s been eight years since owning a Qest4 and I can’t imagine running a practice without it. If you really want to help people improve their life, a Qest4 is a must. It helps get to the cause of their issues while providing more information and support than any other device on the market. You will get results, which lead to referrals and growth in your business.