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QEST4 recently hopped on the BioLight wagon and boy are we all excited to talk about it.

First, let me tell you about the company! BioLight is a bioenergetic and nutritional company that includes a complete selection of bioenergetic tinctures and sprays with micronized, sublingual ingredients (think super tiny particles). This allows the nutrition to be absorbed right into the mucosa lining, making it possible for those with gut health issues to still receive the nutrition they need. 

With a huge selection of liquids and sprays, these products are available to those who can’t swallow pills, making them a go-to for many elderly patients and children. I’ve used several of their products and the taste is consistently pleasant and mild. 

Of course, they also have encapsulations as well, and each of these products contains enzymes and adaptogens to increase their bioavailability.

The BioLight line also includes 28 stem cell activator products targeting your own adult stem cells to safely and effectively speed up the repair process. There’s so much more I could say, but I’ll move on for now.

“It’s like orange”

Total Nutrition Plus

Let’s talk about Total Nutrition Plus!  I happened to be in the market for a good multivitamin and sure enough, Total Nutrition Plus delivers. Here’s what I love about it:

  1. Serving size is only 1 tsp a day. I’m accustomed to taking many different herbs many times a day, but Total Nutrition Plus packs a punch in such a small, one-time dose! It’s so easy to remember and add to your daily routine.
  2. It tastes great. I am sometimes wary of liquid products because I’ve had my fair share of nasty ones. This one is kind of fruity and tangy. Not bad at all.
  3. It’s a whole food product! I don’t love synthetic vitamins, and I want the benefits of everything that comes attached to the vitamins in food. So this is a win for me.
  4. It is toddler approved. When my son first tried it I asked, “What do you think?” He smiled and said, “It’s like orange!”
  5. I started waking up early everyday for personal study time around the same time I started taking Total Nutrition Plus. I honestly think this has helped me have enough energy and mental clarity to function! It’s been awesome. 

Why else might you want to try it yourself or on clients?

  1. It has no artificial colors or flavors.
  2. It has 34 raw fruits, vegetables, and sprouts.
  3. It absorbs into the cells quickly and efficiently!

If you or your clients suffer from low energy, mental fatigue, premature aging, malnutrition, weight issues, heart problems, immune issues, metabolism imbalances, joint and bone issues, vitamin and mineral deficiency, or poor absorption… Total Nutrition Plus could totally help!

How do you get it?

BioLight only sells directly to practitioners (not patients). If you are a QEST4 practitioner, submit a ticket for a link to sign up that will get you automatically approved for an account! (You won’t need to submit credentials)

If you are a practitioner who does not yet own a QEST4, you can use our affiliate link below to sign up. Keep in mind they will ask you to send in your credentials to verify you are a professional. After you do that your account will be approved!

If you are not a practitioner, but you want to try Total Nutrition Plus or any other BioLight products, email us at and we’ll hook you up!

Check out this flier for more information on Total Nutrition Plus!

Total Nutrition Plus Flyer REV02072024.pdf | Powered by Box

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Hey! My name is Brittan and I live in Utah with my husband and one adorable toddler. I love finding holistic and natural ways to care for myself and my family. I particularly enjoy learning about nutrition, herbal medicine, the emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of health, and anything else that contributes to complete wellness. Thanks for joining me!

I am not a doctor. Everything I write about is from my personal experience and perspective. Consult a physician if you have questions specific to your health.

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