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Mac with Parallels Desktop

This is an update based on experiences in Nov 2019 installing on a Mac book with Parallels desktop version 15 and Qest4 Bluetooth. (Further update comments added May 2020 – Mark Conrad)


1) Parallels website makes it very simple to get Windows 10 installed after buying Parallels software. We chose the Home version of Parallels for $80 lifetime rather than the business versions payable per annum.  Licensing of Windows happens when you choose to via MS website.

2) Once Windows is installed, before installing Qest4, it is good to allow Windows to do all updates. Not doing so resulted in a mysterious loos of the Bluetooth drivers, and need to reinstall device.

3) The default view in Parallels version 15 is ‘Coherence’ mode which shows the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the Mac Screen and Windows Apps within the Mac screen. It’s a very fluent experience, but initially confusing for Windows and Mac users alike.

4) Before the device will connect it is necessary to access the Parallels menu via its Mac taskbar icon and configure the devices section for Bluetooth Sharing with Windows. (This permission can get dropped, requiring resetting, when Parallels or IoS updates occur and that was one of the single biggest reasons for Mac support calls in the early years of MAC with Asyra.)

5) Windows Bluetooth pairing must be done as usual. The device manager will show 2 Bluetooth serial ports under Ports once device has successfully connected.

6) Screen resolution. As with some high-resolution Windows laptops, on some small screens the Qest4 software does not initially display fully. Going into the Windows Display Settings and changing it eg from 150% to 125% may fix this.


Windows Reboot – as always a Windows restart can be needed to stabilise a Windows computer. With Parallels that is NOT acheieved by restarting the MAC. Its necessary to make WIndows restart from within the Parallels interface.

Windows Updates – its not always obvious to a MAC user that Windows requires updating or has updated. The Windows update may disconnect or remove the Bluetooth device, so it may need to be added again with the pairing code 1234.

MAC Suspend mode – this caused an issue with Bluetooth disconnection. Due to 6 we found that the safest strategy for continued use of the system was to shut down Windows after finishing with Qest4 and then close the Macbook or Shut it down.