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Installation: What to know beforehand

In this article:

–      Section 1: Qest4 Software Compatibility

–      Section 2: Minimum Screen Size Resolution Required

–      Section 3: System Security and Warnings

–      Section 4: Allowing System to be Recognized by the Firewall

–      Section 5: Protecting Your Circuitry

Section 1: Qest4 Software Compatibility

The Qest4 software runs in a Windows environment, (Windows 7, 8, or 10 recommended).

  • Qest4 runs best with 8GB or more of RAM, and requires around 4GB of hard drive storage.  It requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels, and a USB connector. Please ask us for advice if you want to know if your device will be compatible.

MAC users: (Technical support for MAC computers is limited and may require additional fees.)

***UPDATE 21 APR 2022 – Recently some users have not been able to use on MAC due, we believe, to some changes in MAC OS. So please do not rely on the advice below, and we suggest getting trial copies of Parallels/ Windows before spending any money so see if it works for you.***

  • MAC users may be able to use Qest4 using a Windows virtual machine: usually Parallels Desktop.
  • The virtualization software, along with your chosen version of Windows must be purchased and installed before installing the Qest4 software.
    • Our support team is able to offer this installation service for a small fee prior to your training, if required.
  • These systems work by allowing you to open a Windows sub-system from within the MAC environment. Windows opens on your MAC screen as a window, and you open the Qest4 software or any other Windows software from there. You can also create a direct MAC shortcut icon to your Windows applications in some systems.  The advantage of this is that you can still interact with your MAC, for example, to email Qest4 reports using your native MAC email software.
  • An alternative is to use Bootcamp, which allows your MAC to bootup with either the Windows or MAC OS, but our experience has shown that the virtual machine option presents a more seamless and fluid experience. Bootcamp may be suitable for you if you wish to maintain a Windows environment for other reasons apart from just to run Qest4.
  • People Windows via Parallels that wish to add a custom logo, they will need to ensure the logo is stored under the Windows virtual partition, we recommend placing it in the Qest4 folder for ease.If it is not placed in the Windows partition the Qest software will not be able to access it and the logo will not appear on reports.

Section 2: Minimum Screen Size/Resolution Required for the Qest4

  • When purchasing any new laptop, netbook, or notepad, carefully consider the dimensions of the screen you are purchasing. The Qest4 software is not compatible with screen resolutions of less than 1024 X 768. Most laptops with 12 inch screens have resolutions of 1024 X 768 as standard. If you are purchasing a netbook, or notebook, make sure it will support the 1024 X 768 resolution.

Note: The Qest4 is not currently compatible with tablet computers such as iPad’s, or Android and Apple smartphones.

 Section 3: System Security & Warnings

User Account Control

  • Windows has a built-in system protection called User Account Control (UAC), which helps prevent malware from damaging a computer. When running the Qest4 Setup file or the Qest4 program you may see a message similar to this appear (depending on which version of Windows and how your computer is configured).
  • This is good as it shows UAC is working and protecting your computer. You will need to click YES otherwise the program will not run.

Computer security

Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials is a program pre-installed with Windows and is a basic level of computer security. Independent testing has shown there to be weaknesses with either, so it is recommended by computer security experts to install a different anti-virus (AV) program or suite. A short list is below, there are many more to choose from, both free and paid.
This is for information only and it is up to the individual to choose which solution is most suitable.

Ideally you should try to find a package that offers AV protection with real-time scanning and a Firewall (Windows firewall is ok but has vulnerabilities).

Note:  Avast and McAfee are known to cause conflict with the Qest4 software. They are not listed for this reason. McAfee is pre-installed (free on a one year basis) on new computers and although there are few reported issues, it has been known to cause problems.

It is important, whichever Anti-Virus package you use, to ensure that the Qest4 software is added to the “Safe” list or similar. Failure to do this may cause problems.

Comodo Internet Security
Panda Free Anti-virus
360 Security
Norton Security
eScan Anti-virus
F-Secure Anti-virus
Trend Micro Anti-virus

Some vendors offer free versions of their software. You should not discount free versions of software, some are as efficient as paid versions at protecting your computer.

Of course, being aware that your computer usage, especially internet browsing and emails, pose the biggest threats to your computer security. Be wary of unexpected emails with attachments and/or links and exercise caution when browsing the internet. The greatest threat to computer security is complacency.

Section 4: Allowing system to be recognized by the Firewall when updating


All modern computers have a Firewall supplied by Windows or Anti-virus software such as Kapersky, AVG etc. The purpose of the firewall is to safeguard and protect your computer from hackers, any other unauthorised programs, or people trying to invade your computer while you are using the internet. On some computers, the firewall will mistakenly think the Qest4 software is a virus or unauthorised software and automatically block the Qest4 from communicating with the internet.

The Firewall will not block the Qest4 from working on your computer; however, it may take action when the Qest4 program is attempting to communicate with the internet (i.e. fetching and completing web updates). The problems start if the firewall blocks the Qest4.


It is important after installing the Qest4 software and before beginning to run any updates, that the Qest4 software is allowed through the computer’s Firewall as an ‘exception’. If the firewall/anti-virus software blocks the Qest4 from fully installing updates, it could lead to corruption of the software and you will get frequent error messages, functions not operating correctly or not at all, and issues running tests, etc. The following steps will help to avoid such problems-


Click START –> Control Panel –> System and Security –> Windows Firewall

Once within the firewall section, you will see the current status of the firewall shown. If you get a message saying ‘Firewall is controlled by….’, this means the firewall is controlled by your Anti-virus software so the firewall settings need to be altered within the Anti-virus program and can’t be altered from the Windows firewall section.

If you have fully comprehensive Anti-virus software, it is most likely that the Anti-virus software will have its own Firewall built into protect your computer. We would like to give you a comprehensive explanation of how to change the firewall settings within your Anti-virus software, but because of their operational differences we cannot. Therefore, we recommend using the ‘Help’ menu within your anti-virus software to find out how to alter the firewall settings.

However, if your firewall is controlled through Windows, it’s easy to change the settings to allow the Qest4 as a safe program.

While in the ‘Windows Firewall’ area, click on ‘Allow an app or feature through the firewall’. You will see a list of the allowed programs on your computer. Click on ‘Change Settings’, then check to see if Qest4 is already listed. If Qest4 is in the list, then put a tick beside it in the column under Work/Private use. If the program is not already on the list, it must be added manually by selecting ‘Add another program’.

On Windows XP, the process is Control Panel- Windows Firewall- Exceptions- Add Program- Qest4, then ensure Qest4 is ticked under ‘Exceptions’.

Section 5: Protecting your System’s Circuitry

Here is some very important advice about keeping your Qest4 working reliably. Always use a surge suppressor between the wall socket and the charger – and make sure it is a good one. If you have ever had a circuit board failure in your premises or are especially keen to avoid one, take the extra precaution of unplugging the charger once the device is charged. i.e. don’t leave it on charge for 24 hours when an hour is enough.

Although the batteries are fine with long charges, the chances of a damaging power spike with a one or two hour charge are considerably reduced. While the majority of Qest4 devices in the UK function for years without any mishaps, we have had a few devices that have been returned for circuit board replacements more than once, and we can only think that this must be due to power supply variability in a particular place.