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Firewall and Antivirus software – How does it affect Qest4 software

An update may have not completed properly or the software may be prevented from running as it should, due to Anti-virus software or your computer’s firewall.

 Firewall and Antivirus software:

  • The purpose of the firewall and antivirus software is to safeguard and protect your computer from hackers, any other unauthorized programs, or people trying to invade your computer while you are using the internet.
  • Firewall:
    • Is supplied by Windows or Anti-virus software such as Norton, AVG etc.
    • Is the “gatekeeper” between your computer and outside world
    • May mistakenly think the Qest4 software is a virus or unauthorized software and will block the Qest4 from communicating with the internet, which affects updates.
    • Will not block the programs from working on your computer, as it has no bearing on anything you do on your own computer.
    • May be controlled by antivirus software.
  • Antivirus software:
    • Is a “resident” detective – it checks files on your computer and decides if it feels they are a threat.
    • It will “quarantine” or disable files it thinks is a threat.
    • May also detect malicious software/attachments as they are downloaded
    • May have its own, built-in firewall
  • How do these affect your Qest4 software
    • Firewall may prevent full installation or update of Qest4 software.
    • Antivirus software may disable certain Qest4 files and cause unusual errors or problems while you are testing with the Qest4 software.
    • Corrupt the software 
  • Indicators there may be a problem:
    • Increase in error messages when you are doing normal procedures
    • Inability to do things you were able to do before
    • Any kind of unusual behavior from the software.
    • Operations not functioning properly
  • What to do for the Firewall:
    • After you install the Qest4 software and before you begin to run any updates be sure the Qest4 software is allowed through the computer’s firewall as an “exception”.
    • START- Control Panel – Windows Firewall
    • Check the current status of the firewall shown.
    • While in the ‘Windows Firewall’ area, click on ‘Allow a program or feature through the firewall’,
    • You will see a list of the allowed programs on your computer. Click on ‘Change Settings’
    • Check to see if ‘Asyra Pro.exe’ is already listed.
    • If ‘Qest4.exe’ is in the list then put a tick beside it in the column under ‘Work/Private’ use. If the program is not already on the list, it must be added manually by selecting ‘Add another program’.
    • If you get a message saying ‘Firewall is controlled by….’, this means the firewall is controlled by your Anti virus software so the firewall settings need to be altered within the anti virus program and can’t be altered from the Windows firewall section.  See “Note” below.
  • NOTE: Fully comprehensive Anti virus software often has it’s own Firewall. Because of their operational differences we cannot give you a comprehensive explanation of how to change the firewall settings within your anti virus software. Therefore, we recommend using the ‘Help’ menu within your anti virus software to find out how to alter the firewall settings.

Also, go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Security > (click on) Trusted Sites > Sites and type in then click Add, then type in and click Add