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You may recall from my Three New Loves post back in January… I love lists of good things. The time has come for me to share another! This one is a little different. Instead of a top 3 list, I’ve got some insight into what I’m actually doing with my day-to-day life right now. I think it’s so helpful to see what real people who care about health are really doing! Let’s begin.

Love: 32 oz Thermos

If there is one thing that I use on a daily basis and cannot live without, it would be… my thermos! Here’s why: We’ve all heard the benefits of including whole grains in our diet. I’m not talking about whole wheat bread, where the grain is ground up. I’m talking about actual whole grains that remain whole. Every morning I down a huge bowl of warm breakfast cereal with honey, cinnamon, nuts, and berries. It’s so yummy! 

So where does the thermos come in? It’s the easiest way I have found to prepare my breakfast. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. In the morning, I put about 3/4 cup of the desired grain in a glass jar, fill it with water, and stick it in the fridge to soak for the day. My favorite grains to cook this way are einkorn, spelt, and oat groats. 
  2. At night before bed, I drain and rinse those soaked grains and put them in my 32 ounce thermos. Then, I fill it up the rest of the way with boiling water, cover it, and let it sit overnight.
  3. In the morning, the grains are soft and open, and even still warm. Ready to eat! I drain off the excess water, add my desired toppings, and chow down. It’s so easy, fast, and nutritious. 

This is thermal cooking on a mini level and it’s amazing. Get yourself a thermos and start getting that daily dose of whole grains.

Hate: Shallow Breathing

I want to keep this positive, but the title was too catchy! So here’s what I’ll say I hate: Shallow breathing. What do I like more? Deep breathing!

My brother texted me recently and asked if I’ve tried deep breathing before bed to help with asthma. I have tried deep breathing here and there, but not consistently and purposefully. I decided to give it a try, but instead of confining it to the minutes before bed, I’ve been doing it whenever I remember throughout the day. 

It’s been wonderful. It naturally causes me to slow down, calm down, chill out. Stress has gone down. It’s been eye-opening to notice how often I am holding my breath, or letting in the bare minimum amount of air.

It’s so easy, free, and simple – give it a try!

Reading: Substack

Almost two years ago I said goodbye to scrolling through instagram and facebook. It’s been amazing! I could probably write an entire blog post about that. For the most part, I haven’t missed it, but there are some things I wish I could see… like a blog post from a dear friend, which she shares to her facebook account.

Enter Substack. Have you heard of this?? It’s basically an email subscription to various writers. They post an article they’ve written to their substack account, and if you’re subscribed you automatically receive an emailed copy. 

Here’s why I love it: 

  1. I appreciate good writing. I love having my mind opened to new ideas, or learning more about a topic I’m passionate about, or just thinking about something different than the normal day-to-day stuff.
  2. I don’t have to login anywhere, scroll, see comments, see ads, etc. I’m not automatically pushed to the next article by the next random person. It doesn’t suck me in for mindless viewing. It doesn’t leave me feeling crappy. Pretty much all the cons of social media are gone. 
  3. It’s kind of like a written version of podcasting. You have the option to support your favorite writers financially and receive extra perks. But you can also just do the free subscription and still enjoy thought-provoking essays.

They also have an app if you prefer that route. It’s pretty cool! I’ve subscribed to some writers who are passionate about parenting and protecting childhood, promoting free-play, and screen-free entertainment. All stuff I support and enjoy learning more about. If you have a topic you want to read more about, check out substack and find a writer you relate to!

Eating: Teff

You already know I love my whole grain breakfast. But recently I was in the market for some gluten-free breakfast cereals. Google was quick to tell me there are actually tons of grains that do not have gluten! And that’s how I discovered Teff. 

Teff is a tiny grain from Africa that is a nice brown color with a bit of a reddish tint. When prepared as a cereal, the texture is somewhat like my childhood favorite Malt-O-Meal. We’ve been topping it with honey, raisins, walnuts, ground flax, and spices when we eat it.

It is delightful!

There you go.

I love my 32 oz thermos.

I hate shallow breathing.

I’m reading substack.

And I’m eating teff.

What are you up to these days?

About the author

Hey! My name is Brittan and I live in Utah with my husband and one adorable toddler. I love finding holistic and natural ways to care for myself and my family. I particularly enjoy learning about nutrition, herbal medicine, the emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of health, and anything else that contributes to complete wellness. Thanks for joining me!

I am not a doctor. Everything I write about is from my personal experience and perspective. Consult a physician if you have questions specific to your health.

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